Gases Exam3 and Problem Solutions

Gases Exam3 and  Problem Solutions


1. Find volume of 0,5mol CH4 under 3,28 atm pressure and 400 0K temperature.


P=3,28 atm, n=0,5mol, T=400 0K, R=0,082, V=?

We use ideal gas law;



V=5 liters


2. If 6,4 g CH4 has pressure 0,5 atm and volume 2 liters, find pressure of 9 g C2H6 having 1 liter volume under constant temperature.(C=12, H=1)


We first find mole of given matters;



Since temperature is constant we write ideal gas law as given below;

gases exam4





P2=0,75 atm

or P2= 57 cm Hg


3. Find density of O2 under 27 0C temperature and 1,23 atm pressure. (O=16)


T=27 + 273=300 0K

If we write ideal gas law for density, we get following equation;


where M is molar mass of O2.




4. If we open the taps given in the picture below, find final temperature of gases.


gases exam5








We use following equation to find final pressure of gas mixture;

P1.V1 + P2.V2 + P3.V3 = Pfinal.Vfinal

3.2 + 4.3 + 0.5 =Pfinal.(2+3+5)

6 + 12=Pfinal.10

Pfinal=1,8 atm


5. When we open the taps given in the picture below, find changes in the pressures of gases.

gases exam6










We should find final pressure of system to make comparison.

P1.V1 + P2.V2 + P3.V3 = Pfinal.Vfinal

P.V + 2P.2V + 3P.V = Pfinal.(V+2V+V)



I. Pressure of first container increase

II. Pressure of second container stays constant

III. Pressure of third container decreases



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